Art, jewelry & more from throughout Kentucky.

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” -Unknown

This is how I felt in February of 2010 when I received a call from Lisa Porter, the free spirited founder and co owner of S Bayly Boutique. Ms. Kristin, one of the three incredible owners of South Bayly, asked me at Christmas time while I was buying my hubbies present if I would be interested in talking with Lisa about buying the shop. I absolutely adored shopping at South Bayly! I could see myself behind the counter, selling beautiful handmade things and gorgeous art. There is tremendous power in visualization, never doubt it! I was at a very good and stable point in my life. My career had somehow turned into 21 years and things were very comfortable. But not really……

As we have babies, build a home and put down roots, I think it is also common for women, maybe men, too, to arrive at a point when you look up and ask yourself, “What else can I do? Is this it?!”  But change is so very scary. Leaving the comfortable and predictable to follow a dream, especially in a down economy, who does that?

Well, I did! And I have tried to stay true to what Lisa created and Deb and Kristin fostered, a shop where you can find things that you just don’t see in a typical boutique. Every store needs a vision, a compass that guides the decisions of what is sold in the store and how customers are treated. South Bayly is a place where you will feel welcome, it is a comfortable and happy place. You can shop for almost anyone of any age. You will see things that have been made by hand, most commonly either by a local artist or an artist living in the United States. You will see beautiful original art. You may have to make two trips thru the shop to take it all in. If you are artsy, you will leave inspired to create. If you aren’t artsy, you will want to be! Most important, your business will never be taken for granted and will always be appreciated!


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One Response to “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” -Unknown

  1. Pamela Collins says:

    Wow, how wonderful it was to enter a shop with such beautiful art everywhere and from artist in the United States. As an artist in the United States, I have been longing to find a place like this. Thank you so much. My heart sang while I was in the shop and talked with the beautiful owner and looked at all the truly unique art. I am proud to have my art here and thank you so much for your support as an artist. We truly need it!

    Pamela Collins

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